Esther Arens

According to the job description my current post is of somewhat narrow remit, i.e. more traditional cat & class. But with previous experience in LMS I’ve extended my contribution to the organisation’s aims by becoming involved with IT (data conversions, new OPAC design, analysing faults if affecting bibliographic or authority records). Fortunately, my line manager let me!

Especially with the new OPAC (which makes – sadly or luckily – poor bibliographic data and  inconsistencies much more transparent) I think I’ve managed to convey to at least IT that we can only make use of all those marvellous new features if our data is good enough. I’ve got many ideas to improve these but being parttime I barely come round to it (e.g. writing a proper business case for some data “cleaning”.) Neither have I set up an internal wiki to further best practice (because I rarely see/speak to the other two colleagues who catalogue) but that’s high on my agenda.

Something I’ve done to break out of the echo-chamber: Writing a guest blog post for “Voices for the library” about the need for cataloguers (

I know this is not an impressive record but small steps might help too.



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