Penny Robertson

I’m a fellow cataloguer aka metadata dark arts magician aka taxonomy temperer. I’ve been involved in the mystic arts of cataloguing since I qualified(’99) and it has been the most intellectually stimulating part of being a librarian. I’ve recently moved jobs and have been given the title, Information Architecture Manager, that didn’t quite sit with me to begin with but the more I think about it it does make sense. Cataloguers are the architects of an information landscape within the traditional sense of a library catalogue and now must evolve these fine skills to encompass enterprise content management, data exchange and the navigation, structure and management of digital assets. A soupcon of communication skills and a a dash of openness to what the customer wants should see our profession flourish in the future. So don’t let new fangled job titles put you off, we do have the skills that are important, we only need to wow them with our potential!!


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