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Join the cataloguing book chat on Friday

**Quick update, March 23rd 2011**

Rather than do a whole new blog post, just a quick update to say we’ll be talking about Section II, Visions this Friday, March 25th, starting at 10am UK time and continuing all day so people in other time zones can join us along the way. The plan is to do things like we did with Section I so the info below still applies.

Look forward to #catbkchatting with some of you then**

Some more details about the Twitter book club #catbkchat and how it’s going to work (maybe… we’ve never tried it before so we don’t really know til it starts!).

We’re reading Conversations with catalogers in the 21st century, edited by Elaine R. Sanchez. To break it into manageable chunks and allow people to catch up with reading as books arrive on cataloguers’ desks all over the place, we are going to start with the first part: Introduction, Preface (by Michael Gorman) and Section I AACR2 and RDA. If you don’t have access to the book itself, then there is a full-text version freely available online of Elaine’s own article, RDA, AACR2 and you, so anyone can read at least this part (one of the three articles in Section I).

The first part of #catbkchat starts tomorrow, Friday March 18th. No strict timings as we have people taking part from several time zones so it’ll be hard to make sure we are all online at the same time but if we say we’ll start mid-morning (10am UK time) but expect to run all through the day as the US wakes up and gets online (I expect you’ll all be leaping out of bed to check Twitter and take part!). At the moment, the UK hasn’t changed the clocks forward, so the UK is 4 hours ahead of the US East Coast and 7 hours ahead of PST (just to give you some idea of when various people might get online to join in).

Just remember to use the hashtag #catbkchat. If you have more to say than you can fit into a tweet then feel free to add comments to this post or write posts on your own blog and we can then provide links on Twitter pointing people towards the full read. I have no idea right now how much there will be to say and how long discussion will go on so am deliberately being open-ended about timing. We can always keep talking on Monday if there’s still a lot to say. Otherwise, I envisage leaving it a few days and then starting again with the next section if that works for everyone. Am happy to take suggestions though (just on Twitter or in comments here).

For anyone taking part in #catbkchat, you might be interested to hear about a great idea that Anne Welsh (@Anne Welsh) is trying out with her Advanced Cat & Class students. Anne is a Lecturer in LIS at UCL (University College London). Her class meets on Monday, taking #catbkchat as their inspiration, they will be discussing the Sanchez article linked above and livetweeting their discussion using the hashtags #catbkchat and #UCLDIS, with Anne making the discussion available on a twitterfountain right in the classroom. This will be happening at 4pm UK time (12 noon East Coast, 9am West Coast) if anyone would like to follow along and maybe even say hello to the students.

I look forward to some chatting about the first section with you all tomorrow and remember we have a twapperkeeper archive for the hashtag if you want to follow there. Yesterday I read about Tweetchat so might have a look at using that for myself (I normally just use New Twitter rather than anything like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc).

Cataloguing book chat

For those cataloguers/catalogers who choose high visibility on Twitter, you may have already heard that we’re thinking of having a Twitter book club for cataloguing book chat. It started because quite a few of us were excited to be receiving our copy of Conversations with Catalogers in the 21st Century, edited by Elaine R. Sanchez. This isn’t exactly a High Visibility Cataloguing initiative, it just organically grew out of Twitter chat but it’s a great way to promote discussion about our profession and our futures so it seems a great fit for us here.

We would love to attract as many interested people as possible, so we’ll be tweeting our cataloguing book chat using the hashtag #catbkchat (Twapperkeeper archive thanks to Heather Pitts). If you’re not on Twitter, then please feel free to add to the comments here as part of the book discussion or to add links to posts about the book on your own blog (and with your permission we’ll tweet the links too, to reach the Twitter cataloguing people too).

We haven’t tried this before, I think I’m right in saying it’ll be a first Twitter book club for most of the people taking part. We already have cataloguers from the US, Canada and the UK taking part. We’d love you to join in or, if you don’t have the book available, then hope you can follow the discussion and learn something from it or promote more discussion that way.

The book is in sections, so we’ll probably take a section at a time – more details to follow….