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For those cataloguers/catalogers who choose high visibility on Twitter, you may have already heard that we’re thinking of having a Twitter book club for cataloguing book chat. It started because quite a few of us were excited to be receiving our copy of Conversations with Catalogers in the 21st Century, edited by Elaine R. Sanchez. This isn’t exactly a High Visibility Cataloguing initiative, it just organically grew out of Twitter chat but it’s a great way to promote discussion about our profession and our futures so it seems a great fit for us here.

We would love to attract as many interested people as possible, so we’ll be tweeting our cataloguing book chat using the hashtag #catbkchat (Twapperkeeper archive thanks to Heather Pitts). If you’re not on Twitter, then please feel free to add to the comments here as part of the book discussion or to add links to posts about the book on your own blog (and with your permission we’ll tweet the links too, to reach the Twitter cataloguing people too).

We haven’t tried this before, I think I’m right in saying it’ll be a first Twitter book club for most of the people taking part. We already have cataloguers from the US, Canada and the UK taking part. We’d love you to join in or, if you don’t have the book available, then hope you can follow the discussion and learn something from it or promote more discussion that way.

The book is in sections, so we’ll probably take a section at a time – more details to follow….


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  1. So I think we are starting to gather critical mass of cataloguers with access to the book. We’re suggesting that we start with the Intro and Section I (on AACR2 and RDA).

    More details to follow but it would be great if anyone thinking of taking part just added their name (or Twitter name) in comments here? I’ll try and think of a better way of getting a list, just so we know how many people are interested.

  2. Book ordered! In real life I’m Helen, in Twitter life @nunuthunder

  3. I don’t have the book yet (trying to get a copy). But if I do, I’ll hopefully be participating.

    On Twitter I’m @slmcdanold

  4. And me obviously, @cjclib

  5. I’ll be following on twitter @lagina

  6. I’ve had the book for a while but not yet ventured between its covers. Will join in as soon as I can.

    Lynne @stjerome1st

  7. Book receoved today. Start reading tomorrow (if family lets me). I’ve never done a “real” book club though (:-o) … excited and a bit nervous tbh.

  8. Christoph Schmidt

    (Will have access to the book, print edition, soon.)

  9. I’m in – my copy of the book arrived today! I’m Emily, aka @enimsakont

  10. I should have the book this week – *hope* to have the sections read by Friday. Twitter handle is @deans

  11. Hi Celine

    Just to confirm, my Advanced Cataloguing & Classification Class and I will be livetweeting our own #catbkchat on the Sanchez article you linked to (ch. 3 in the book) from our class on Monday afternoon.


  12. Haven’t got my copy yet, but on me 2read list …

    (aka @freemoth)

  13. Hi,

    I’ve got the copy, just finished section one, hopefully will get the chance to read section 2 before friday.

    (aka jillybeanlib)

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