CPD23 for everyone

Here’s something interesting. I’m looking forward to engaging with this, and after a colleague posted it to our team blog, so far 4 of us have decided that we’re going to give it a shot. I’m really pleased about this as it gives the 4 of us a chance to ‘work’ together, as well as engage with other IP’s engaged in the program, some of whom I’m hoping I’ll already ‘know’! This is a good chance for cataloguers and metadata people to engage with other IP types, and I’m hoping to see some of you on the program. I’ll be using my personal blog (scarlettlibrarian.wordpress.com) and twitter profile @scarlettlibgirl rather than the HVCats one, so please follow me and I will reciprocate.

All following info totally ripped from Katie Birkwood as per her suggestion – thanks Katie!
Free CPD coming up!
23 Things for Professional Development
is a free online programme open to information professionals at all stages of
their career, in all types of role, and anywhere across the

Inspired by the 23 Things programmes for social media, this new
programme will consist of a mixture of social media “Things” and “Things” to do
with professional development. The programme starts on 20 June and will run
until early October 2011.

Each week the CPD23 blog will be updated with details of
the next thing to be explored. Catch up weeks and reflection weeks are built
into the programme, so it’s not a problem if you’re going to be away for a week
or two!

Please do spread the word to any friends, colleagues, or groups
that might be interested: please pass on this message and link to http://cpd23.blogspot.com. If you’re on
Twitter follow @cpd23 and tweet with the
hashtag #cpd23.

Venessa Harris

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