#catbkchat 2012?

Last year we had a successful twitter-based cataloguing book club chat (#catbkchat) about the newly-published Conversations with catalogers in the 21st century (Libraries Unlimited, 2011).

It was an interesting initiative, and we all had the best of intentions to follow it up, perhaps with a free publication.

Life got in the way, and it’s 2012 already, with no more cataloguing book club discussions. New year, new resolutions and all that. I’m working on a review of Michael Gorman’s autobiography, Broken pieces: a library life, 1941-1978 (ALA, 2011). It’s not free, but it’s bound to be in libraries on both sides of the Atlantic, and Gorman is, of course, both an iconic cataloguer (editor of AACR) and a writer who has been unafraid to spark debate throughout his long and distinguished career.

If we were to plan a new #catbkchat, would people be interested? Would this be a good (and accessible) title to choose? When would be a good time to do it? February? March? The book is 207 pages long, and, like all Gorman’s work, an easy read.

Perhaps leave a comment here if you would be interested, with an idea of whether you would prefer a day in February or March and which day of the week. Friday, perhaps?


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  1. I’m in, but I would prefer a March date. Bought too many books on Amazon recently…

  2. I’m in as well. Like Jason, March would be preferable for me. As for the day of the week, I think Fridays worked well last time.

  3. I did not partake last year, but may this year. Could be interesting. Interesting, as in filled with beer filled snark.

  4. Yes, Fridays in March seems realistic for me. Although the Gorman biography would certainly be an interesting read I’d prefer something something more readily available/free online. I don’t have a particular title in mind though.

    • Gorman’s in quite a few libraries now, and if we do go for a March date there should be time to get hold of a copy by ILL or other means.

      If there’s demand, we could go for #catbkchatclassic and discuss a seminal text that’s already online. ???

  5. March would be great. Thanks for taking the lead on this.

  6. Sounds wonderful! March would be great –

  7. March is good, I’ll try to get my mits on a copy.

  8. I was quite amazed to look up and find it to be April (what happened to Feb and Mar?). Did the Gorman book chat happen? I actually have a copy…

    • Totally my fault: got caught up in the publication of my own book!

      I’ll put something out over @HVCats after Easter (next week) and see if we have quorum for the chat?

  9. And completely understandable!! I just lost track of time and place.
    Yes please. I’d like that if we have enough interest. I’ll try to get started reading

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