Libday8: the Cataloguers

Here’s a list of people with catalog(u)ing / metadata / systems roles who have signed up for Library Day in the Life Round 8. It’s a rough list, put together from the descriptions people gave on the libday wiki page supplemented by people who contacted us letting us know they were taking part. If you’re involved in something catalog(ue)-related and want to be added here and to our twitterlist, let us know.

If we’ve included you here and you don’t think we should have; let us know.
[Edited 8pm, Monday 30th Jan to add 3 more cataloguers]

Image: DC Hero Minifigs (most of them) by Julian Fong. Copyright Commons, some rights reserved.


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  1. Thanks for putting together the list! I see a couple of people here who aren’t on the wiki. Please remind them to sign upon the wiki so everyone can follow them!

  2. Lovin’ the lego, tho’ I admit to struggling to see which character best represents me! Wondering if there is some kind of hulk character or weightlifter who carries around books – specifically 4 vols of Dewey, a loose-leaf copy of AACR2 & numerous LCSH red books! Thanks for the useful list of cataloguers too; will be checking them all out!

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